Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about BrightWorks LLC Asset Recovery services.

Q. Who is BrightWorks LLC?
A. We are a dedicated team of highly qualified asset recovery specialists who focus on helping folks just like you re-claim property and funds that are owed to you.

Q. Why should I trust BrightWorks LLC?
A. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited company with a high standard for transparency, honesty, and world-class customer service. We are more reasonable than an attorney, we NEVER charge you for our services (whether we collect or not), and we won’t drag out out the process. We are motivated to get you your funds because we only get paid if we can collect what’s owed to you.

Q. Where do the unclaimed funds or property come from?
A. Often unclaimed assets source from bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, investment company shares, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, dividends, un-cashed checks, earned income, various insurance settlements, funds held in trust, unclaimed utility deposits, funds in escrow, inheritance, and more. Until the rightful owner turns up, the appropriate governing body maintains ownership. Each year, the government holds millions of dollars in unclaimed money legally due private citizens and companies. Often this money is never claimed and is forever forfeited to government agencies around the country.

Q. How did you find out that I have unclaimed assets?
A. Our team meticulously combs through vast databases to find funds that are owed to people just like you. We know where to look and how to spot unclaimed property.

Q. How much money will I get? What are BrightWorks fees?
A. The amount you receive is contingent on a number of factors. We operate on a comprehensive payout schedule that adequately compensates us for our time and effort, while still providing you with the highest possible payout. We do not charge any fees. We only get paid if we can collect the assets that are owed to you.

Q. What’s the catch?
A. No catch! We only get paid if we can collect for you, so it’s in our best interest to get you top dollar.

Q. Am I obligated to pay anything?
A. No! If we can’t collect, neither of us are paid. We NEVER charge you anything for our time or any attorney costs we incur.

Q. Where is the money?
A. It is most likely earning interest in a government account. We make our money by finding these monies (where creditors would have difficulty doing so). We find money where other folks don’t know to look, and we work on your behalf to retrieve what’s owed to you. That’s how we are able to make a profit.

Q. How long does this process take?
A. It depends completely on the court and how quickly we can get a signed agreement with you. It can take anywhere from a couple weeks, up to a few months to get paid out.

Q. Can’t I just get the unclaimed assets myself?
A. Yes. It’s your property, and you are free to retrieve it yourself. Most people we’ve worked with find that we are able to retrieve your unclaimed property or funds much faster and without any upfront fees, but you are more than welcome to retrieve it yourself.

CAUTION:  Keep in mind, you will be responsible for all attorneys’ fees, court and administrative costs and any associated liability if you chose to do it yourself.